What is a private Wifi address and should accountants care?

Apple in late 2020 released a new feature for its devices called private wifi addresses. This feature is available for iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and watchOS 7 devices. The goal of this feature is to offer anonymity when regularly connecting to public wifi access points. As an accountant, your important documents or credentials may be […]

Finding clients that work for your accounting firm

On this episode of the podcast Andrew Lassise and Michelle Weinstein, a sales strategist who works with accountants, discuss what goes into finding clients that are a good fit for accounting firms. After some tech issues, they dove right into the topic. “Your internet connection is not stable but you are sitting right next to […]

Consider these things when hiring remote tech support

remote tech support

Accounting firms sometimes wonder whether or not they need remote tech support and why that can be better than having in-house IT support. Once you know which attributes are important in a managed service provider you can ask the right questions and know what to look for. In this article, we are breaking down the […]

Distance learning cyber security tips

distance learning cyber security

Children and grandchildren are heading back to school and oftentimes learning via computer. The new normal also now must include distance learning cyber security tips that we need to consider for our children. Are your children safe on their computers? The Washington Post published an article sharing distance learning cyber security tips as well that […]

How likely is a vishing attack to happen to me?

vishing attacks

Vishing attacks are on the rise, according to federal officials, and can cause real harm to people and businesses. This article from your team at Rush Tech Support is sharing the latest and offers some tips. Vishing attacks are related to phishing scam attacks and try to dupe people into turning over personal information through […]

Public WiFi security: Is it possible to be safe on public WiFi?

public wifi security

Most of us use public WiFi hotspots but public WiFi security is an easy afterthought. But public WiFi security should be a top priority to avoid the next data breach. With some basic strategies, you can avoid a majority of the possible issues. Convenience shouldn’t become a liability. Companies in many industries have faced issues. […]

Accounting Podcast: Grow quicker with Profit First

In this episode of the Tech Talk for Accountants podcast Andrew Lassise was joined by Author Mike Michalowicz to discuss how entrepreneurs can grow their businesses quicker, the concept of profit first and other topics of interest to accountants. You can listen wherever you listen to podcasts and even ask Siri to “Play the Tech […]

Use these tips to not become a phishing scam victim

Andrew Lassise explains common phishing scam techniques in this podcast episode and how you and your accounting firm’s employees can make sure not to fall victim. You can read the article, listen to the podcast below or anywhere you listen to podcasts. A YouTube video of the podcast recording is also available here and below. […]

2FA for Accounting Firms – necessary?

We have become accustomed to keeping track of countless usernames and passwords to access our accounts. Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an additional layer of protection on top of these traditional security measures. In conjunction with your username and password, additional approval or codes must be entered. Sometimes, 2FA is also referred to as two-step authentication. […]

PODCAST: Fax security tips that matter

During the coronavirus pandemic the IRS is accepting the faxing of forms 1139, 1045 and 3115 which reminded us of the importance of fax security. Andrew Lassise discusses the topic on this episode of the Tech Talk for Accountants Show. As always you can listen to the show below, watch the YouTube video or subscribe […]