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Advanced Endpoint Security Upgrade

The world of cyber security is always evolving. It is a never-ending game of cat & mouse where the hackers find a vulnerability, exploit it, and the techs come in, patch the vulnerability, the hackers find a new vulnerability, exploit, it gets patched, rinse & repeat.


This has been the traditional model of cyber security for the past 50 years.


Many are familiar with traditional protection methods like antivirus and firewalls, but there is a new player in town, managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Huntress is the #1 rated managed EDR platform that we are going to add to our security stack for the best protection possible for all of our clients.


The software is monitoring for hackers 24/7 and has “bait” files that are monitored for any changes that malware would cause. These can be things like ransomware, encryption, or keyloggers. Any modification to the bait files immediately stops the attacker from being able to do anything more, alerts our forensic technicians, and can stop any attack dead in it’s tracks.


Backed by the NSA, the software also uses machine learning and AI to give a more in depth and customized security than the standard offerings that have previously been available to small businesses. 


We have been testing the software extensively internally on our own machines, virtual machines, and a handful of clients who specifically have reached out about having the best security for their company and their clients’ data.


We plan on making this a requirement for all of our clients by the end of the year. We pride ourselves on being the best of the best when it comes to client data security, and we see that this is the future and will also most likely become a requirement for security compliance.


Pricing at that time will be $40/computer/month.


We are limiting the first deployment of Huntress to the first 20 companies that sign up. We will be offering the software at a discounted rate of only $20/computer/month (Save $240/computer/yr). We will also grandfather you in at this rate when it becomes part of our standard security stack / compliance mandate in the future.


There will be no interference with your day-to-day practice, no software to learn, no downtime. With the tools we already use for our existing clients, we are able to upgrade, configure, and deploy the best protection without you needing to do anything other than have your computer turned on – super easy!


It also will not interfere with your tax software, or slow down your machine. The footprint will be a negligible 0.4% of your RAM usage (less than 1 chrome tab)


If the first round has been filled by the time you sign up, we will place you on a waitlist and let you know when we have new availability (TBD).


If you want to have the best protection possible for your company, and save $240/computer/yr sign up to be part of the future of cyber protection!

Huntress Upgrade