When starting a new business, the costs add up quickly. As you explore various software programs and technologies for your company, the expenses involved may be leading you to postpone related purchases. However, with the increase in cybersecurity threats (especially for small businesses), there are certain types of technology you absolutely need for your accounting practice. Since you are dealing with sensitive financial data on a daily basis, your business is an even greater target for hackers and cyber criminals. Additionally, not having certain types of tech in place can make it much harder for prospective clients to find you and do business with you.


Tech 4 Accountants shares six types of tech-related investments you cannot afford to skip when starting an accounting practice.


Website security

Above all other tech-related investments, this is easily one of the most critical. Keeping your website secure has become even more important than in past years. Since the start of 2020, there has been a 300 percent increase in reported cyber crimes. Hackers have been able to break into and damage websites from companies of all sizes. In the unfortunate event this happens to you, your business could lose clients, thousands of dollars, and access to your website.


At bare minimum, ensure that your website has an SSL certificate properly installed. Websites that start with “https” instead of “http” have this security measure in place. This one update prevents cyber criminals from replicating your website (to create a fake version of it), and it protects website user data.


Managed IT services and tech support

Business owners across industries often do not have the time or expertise to run and manage their organization’s IT needs. From broken computers to critical software updates, there are numerous tasks that must be handled on a daily basis.


Instead of trying to manage everything yourself, outsourcing is the most reliable choice. Tech problems can get complicated in a hurry, which is why it is so important to have on-call experts working as part of your team. Tech 4 Accountants offer affordable IT services that are specifically designed for accounting firms — both small and large. By selecting the exact services that you require, you can easily fit this expense into your budget.


Business management software

Cybersecurity software isn’t the only kind of software you should be spending your money on. There are several other tech expenses that are well worth the investment. One of these is enterprise resource planning software for your mid-level company.


Instead of handling all your inventory and reporting needs manually, using software like QuickBooks Enterprise can make your life infinitely easier. Using this software allows you to organize and manage your payroll, inventory, and time tracking directly from your smartphone.


Web design services

Accountants are typically not skilled web designers. If this assumption holds true for you, it is time to outsource your web design needs. Accountants tend to have more in-depth needs when it comes to a website layout. On top of building a website with the latest security features, you may want to make certain forms available for your clients online. A graphic designer who specializes in web design will be the best person to tackle the job. Not only can they create an attractive, on-brand look, but they can also install the plugins that you need for more tech-heavy design and layout requests.



Whatever you do, do not pass on having your website search engine optimized. Also known as SEO, this term refers to the techniques used to boost your website ranking on search engine pages. In the highly competitive field of accounting, hiring someone to optimize keywords and content for your local area is incredibly valuable. Search engine optimization — when used consistently — can help your name and website appear above your competitors in local searches.


Reliable computers and tech accessories

Although it may seem obvious, invest in quality computers and tech accessories. Since you will be storing critical client data on your systems, having your computer crash isn’t an option. Although backing up your data is recommended, having a reliable computer will prevent the hassle of recovering important data.


In both the short and long term, investing in the above tech-related expenses can pay off big time. Preventing cybersecurity issues, marketing your business with SEO and an attractive website, and having a dedicated IT team are just several of the ways you can help your business succeed.


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